Automatically turn spreadsheets and dashboards into written insight

What is Savvy?

Savvy is a plug-in for Qlik, Excel and other dashboards and data visualisation software. It automatically explains what the charts, data and analysis mean and writes insights like a human being.

Savvy by Yseop

Summarize charts in written reports with a click of mouse.

Compare performance against objectives in seconds.

Automatically explain your BI dashboards in easy to understand written narrative for data analysts and business users alike.

Go Global with multilingual narrative

Savvy for Excel on iMAC

Why choose Savvy?


Automatically transform overwhelming dashboards into clear, easy to understand narrative from which business can make timely decisions.


Easy to understand analysis written at the speed of thousands of pages per second.


Already integrates as a plug-in for Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Enterprise and Microsoft Excel! Other integrations are already planned and announced, to learn more you can check out Savvy’s Roadmap.

Before Yseop Savvy, the only person in my business who truly understood our dashboard was the person who built it!
Yseop Enterprise User
Fortune 500 Bank
Graphs can show, but only words can explain!
If you want to understand data in real-time you need automated written analysis.
CEO of Yseop

What can Savvy do for you?

Before Savvy, BI Managers were not seeing the ROI they wanted because BI users didn’t have the time to draw insight from complex dashboards. Savvy saves users time and increases performance.